RTS single color Transfers

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 This area is for other crafters/makers to purchase things needed to complete items. 

RTS means we have it ready to ship. Quantities are shown for what we will have available. Please allow 1-3 days for shipping. The average turnaround time to ship is within 1 business day unless combined with preorder. 

Preorder means it is running and we need to meet a MOQ in order to put it into production. 

In production/Transfers on the way mean the print is on its way and will be shipped soon. Quantities are shown for what we will have available. 

Please pay close attention to if this is a preorder or a RTS item. Do not combine the 2 or you will be waiting on all RTS items until the preorder arrives.

These are not the correct listings if you are wanting a ready-made shirt! Please see the shirt category- we also offer dropshipping ready-made shirts at a wholesale price. 

Screen print transfers can be pressed onto a variety of materials including: 100% Cotton 100% Polyester Poly/Cotton Blends

Pressing instructions: Refer to listing title if high or low heat transfer. If it doesn't say then it is low heat. How to tell is by feeling the back- smooth feel full color is typically high heat. 

YOU MUST USE A HEAT PRESS- Home irons will not work!!!! 


Low Heat Temperature: 325 Degrees Fahrenheit 
Time:   7-10 Seconds 
Pressure: High Pressure (8-9 Manual, 60PSI Automatic) 
Peel: Hot Peel

High Heat Temperature: 360 Degrees Fahrenheit (depends on your press)
Pressure: High Pressure (8-9 Manual, 60PSI Automatic) 
Peel: Hot Peel