Preorder/ In Production


 This area is for other crafters/makers to purchase things needed to complete items. 

RTS means we have it ready to ship. Quantities are shown for what we will have available. Please allow 1-3 days for shipping. The average turnaround time to ship is within 1 business day unless combined with a preorder. 

Preorder means it is running and we need to meet a MOQ in order to put it into production sometimes

Please pay close attention to if this is a preorder or a RTS item. Do not combine the 2 or you will be waiting on all RTS items until the preorder arrives.

These are not the correct listings if you are wanting a ready-made shirt! Please see the shirt category- we also offer dropshipping at a wholesale price. 

Screen print transfers can be pressed onto a variety of materials including: 100% Cotton 100% Polyester Poly/Cotton Blends

Pressing instructions: Refer to listing title if high or low heat transfer. If it doesn't say then it is low heat. How to tell is by feeling the back- smooth feel full color is typically high heat. 

YOU MUST USE A HEAT PRESS- Home irons will not work!!!! 


Low Heat Temperature: 325 Degrees Fahrenheit 
Time:   7-10 Seconds 
Pressure: High Pressure (8-9 Manual, 60PSI Automatic) 
Peel: Hot Peel

High Heat Temperature: 360 Degrees Fahrenheit (depends on your press)
Pressure: High Pressure (8-9 Manual, 60PSI Automatic) 
Peel: Hot Peel