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Thanks for checking out my shop- Geez Louise,  llc. 

I am so happy you found my website. My name is Lisa Martin (owner & creator of Geez Louise, llc). I am just your typical average person who loves to make others happy. My products are inspired by my needs or my customers' wants. I had been creating items for friends for some time when one of them told me I should open an online store. Considering my husband suffers from Agoraphobia, PTSD, & Anxiety working outside the home isn't an option but we needed a little extra to help support the family. So here I am. A little bit more about us. We live in small town USA where everyone knows everyone. We have 3 kiddos: Anthony is our oldest and is learning what being an adult is all about. He dances to the beat of his own drum. Next is Trinity, our only girl and she loves anything artsy and drawing. Our youngest is Jack, he enjoys video games and is honestly way too smart for his own good! We also have 2 puppers- Loki & Abby and 2 Bearded Dragons- Dude & Khaleesi plus our daughters cat Tobey! So on top of all things Geez Louise  I am a wife, mother, and stay busy with everything life throws at me but I wouldn't want it any other way! 


I have had the opportunity to share my ideas and talents with so many throughout the years all thanks to ETSY, Facebook,  & now my own website! Geez Louise was founded in 2016! 

The name Geez Louise  is after my grandmother, aunt, and daughter. Each with the middle name Louise! Geez Louise just sums up the variety of items we offer because we try to make something for all ages. 

Not all items are handmade- some are things I just like and feel like offering to everyone else! 

Turnaround times for items vary from item to item, however,  I like to get things to my customers as quickly as I possibly can because I, myself, hate waiting forever for things to arrive as well so I do try to get your item shipped as quickly as possible. Also, I am not responsible for lost in the mail, stolen, or damages resulting from shipping. In this event please contact the postal service.

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