UPDATE PAGE/BLOG/ ETC- notes from the owners of Geez Louise, LLC

We decided since Facebook is so awful at notifying anyone of any new posts that it would be best to create a page for updates. On this page we will add the date and add any information we think needs to be shared for that day below.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to email us at GeezLouiseCustomerService@gmail.com 

If we leave something out of your order or you have an issue please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/DRtHcaYTXbta6qAJ6 
If you need a mockup of one of our screen transfers: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1A2qWZI3czQV42YCNKomsrCI9g2R62NM3?usp=sharing



Alrighty.. update time 7/28
--We are still waiting on the youth from the Halloween preorder with moxie transfers. There are a few missing also which as soon as we get finished packaging all we can I'll message her about it. Some of you unfortunately are getting partial shipments. If you ordered only youth.. then we are still waiting on those.
-- Halloween totes are here to start shipping out. We will work on packaging these late tonight.
-- I'm going to go ahead and add the 20oz sublimation tumblers to the website for yall to be able to order this week. They have been shipped to me but I've not gotten them in just yet.
-- new buyins will be added next week. Also new preorders will be added next week possibly. This week these are simply not doing well at all.. many have been put through but many are no where close to meeting moq. I'm trying to push them through but yall I need help there.
-- school starts back in 1 week for our teens... this means some changes are going to be made as the teens are who do our postal runs. Ups will go down to being dropped off only twice per week. Usps will be scheduled for pickup each day.
-- this coming weekend we will be taking time off. I personally need a break...a big one.. so no checking emails, no checking Facebook.. I'll be 100% away. I'm telling you this because we legit work from the moment I open my eyes until I go to bed. I need this break and trust me yall need me to have it also.
--algorithms are down once again. I'm tired of trying to fix them and figure out why no one sees our posts. So yea I give up.
If I think of something else I'll edit here but I think that's everything.
Alrighty- update time 7/26
  • We had some of the 7/30 prints arrive and they are in the process of being packaged today. All that can go out today will. So because the past 2 weeks preorders have been so huge we will not be adding new until we move some inventory back out as we are at full capacity at the moment and there are zero spots open for new screens. So if you see anyone looking for sales or anything we have please please please tag us. Sign up to be an affiliate even and give out a code to help save them & you money in the future plus you would earn 5% of the purchases that are made with your code.
  • Our hard drive is still in recovery mode but we are recovering the digital files and some sublimations are being printed. All my mockups though are on that drive which is another reason why no new preorders this week.
  • The 7/10- Halloween preorders with Moxie Transfers were shipped out to me last Monday. However, one package is being routed back to her I am told so she is sending a new package out via UPS to us which should arrive in 2 business days as she tried to overnight but 2 days was the only option she was given. Another package is being routed it said to another town in TN but it went to Kingsport and not Kingston. So we are following the tracking and if it isn't here by tomorrow she said she will do the same for the prints that were in it. I know many of you are patiently waiting like I am and all I can do is give you this tracking number to follow along with me at this time. 9405509205568723811259 In total there are 3 packages coming to me from her. The last one is youth size transfers and honestly I have forgotten what she told me on those already as there is a lot on my mind these days.
  • We are pulling orders daily and working until really really late most days. I will be scheduling a pickup for what we can package tonight. If you do email or message and I do not respond right away this is why.
  • Halloween totes have been shipped to me. I know this is a long TAT as far as that process but one thing in the future I would like to ask is not to combine transfers with the buy-ins unless you are ok with waiting on the transfers. I will be offering more buy-ins as well so be watching for those.


Hey y'all..a few of you have reached about these specific prints. They were estimated to be here by 7/10 however I've been trying to post updates so you all know what's up.
Some of the prints got lost going to the vendor I purchased them from. At first they were being held up in Houston but then started to have movement and made it to her. She started shipping out and then her daughter had to have unexpected medical testing so that forced her to take time away for her daughter. There are still some missing she did tell me the other day but she said I have 3 boxes that were shipped out I believe this past Monday so they should arrive soon. I do not have tracking as I simply didn't ask for a I paid via PayPal and I guess I thought it would auto-update on my shop app.. anyways she's the admin of marketplace so I know they will arrive for that reason alone and haven't really been to worried. I'm only posting another update because some have asked me the status. There really isn't any new updates since I last posted I don't think.
I do want to thank all of you for being so understanding about them being late. As soon as they arrive we will stop whatever other orders we are working on to send these packages out asap. Some have already been partially shipped as well.
Please just be patient a little longer if you can.
I do know these specific prints the licensing was extremely expensive which is why we chose to go through Moxie transfers when she offered.


Update time: 7/18/21
To all those that are new, I try my best to be open, honest, and transparent and this is one way I do so. I copy everything I write here and add it to a page on our website as well.
  • The Halloween preorder with Moxie transfers that was scheduled to arrive to me this past week did not as you most know. Some of you have asked me about them and I do have a new update. She had several boxes get stuck in Houston and has had to wait for them to finally arrive to her and then on top of that she had a family issue that was not expected as well that she had to handle as far as unexpected medical testing for her daughter. However, she does have some of the shipments now and I do have a box packaged from her to head my way hopefully Monday (tomorrow). So I am going to partial ship some orders today which I know is going to be very time-consuming and an extra cost for me but I would rather do this than make your other items wait any longer.
  • I am adding more Geezy Poofs screenprint confetti today to the website that we worked on making yesterday while my sister and niece were here visiting. It isn't a lot and in honesty, I think I may end up discontinuing the geezy poofs. I will say that I will at least use up all the bottles we have here before I do.
  • New preorders will open tomorrow and I will start showing you all today what they are- however they will not be on the website to order until tomorrow. This means all day Monday the single color new preorders will be only 75 cents and yes affiliate/rep codes can be used on these.
  • We have approximately 3,050 prints arriving on Tuesday to start shipping out. These consist of the following prints: purple mom bun bat skull, taser, motherhood mombie, faith over fear, speak mind, inspire serial killer, horror squad, skellicorn, and but first.
  • as soon as we hit 7K members here we will start a huge giveaway where each order placed will have a ticket inside the orders. You will have to keep these tickets and the only way you have the chance to win is by making a purchase. I expect to start giving out tickets this week with orders. However, we have to get to 7K members in this group first. We are very very close though. Tickets will be sent with each and every single order until we get to the preorders from the week we started sending them (the tickets) so this will last a few weeks before a winner is chosen. I will update you with the first order number that gets a ticket as well as the last order number that will get a ticket. As for prizes- we already have 3 other vendors that have offered prizes plus we will have a few as well. When I say big I legit mean big! So for now let's share this group and get to 7K members.
I think that is most of everything for now. Any questions ask below or send us an email.


  • First off I am not even going to mention the confetti until I get tracking of anything. I am following it all though- all other vendors' issues, my own, etc. Emails were sent out by me and well we have so much going on behind the scenes trying to fix this entire situation.
  • I am adding a lot of RTS fall that we have here on hand throughout the day. By a lot, I do mean it's a lot! So instead of posting what it is, I will add links below.
  • I did receive an update on some preorders and I have 2 boxes arriving tomorrow to me. Some that are included are: great pumpkin, ashamed behavior, autumn leaves pumpkins please, fall for Jesus, plaid pumpkin, and Kurt was right.
  • The horror prints that I was allowed to run with Moxie transfers she has already posted that she has tracking so those should be headed to me soon to start sending out to you all that ordered. If you missed out on these well there is the name of who let me go in with them.
  • The back-to-school full-color prints that I was allowed to run with Owlrageous I need to check on but she is such a pro at this point I tend to not worry or even check for tracking. If you missed those well I just named where to look.
  • Our back-to-school prints that I estimated here by the 10th will be here around the 12th. The holiday threw an extra day into the TAT and well weekends are harder to calculate in but they are being printed.
  • The preorders set for the 19th will also be arriving early as well as I put them into production sooner than I intended.
  • I will be taking the evening of the 9th and 12th off. We have movie nights planned and this past weekend showed me I have been overdoing it lately.
  • I do have 100 20oz blank sublimation tumblers headed my way and I am extremely excited for this new chapter in Geez Louise as I want to be able to offer you as much as possible. Growth is my goal and this is growth!
  • Dropshipping and wholesale screens are still on the site for purchase. Completed tees for only $12 each but I do not keep shirts in stock and only order as I need. Details in announcements on how to get access to those areas.
  • I still need to get the apple app figured out. Technology sometimes isnt my strong suit and well I get aggravated and walk away. Its on my to-do list.
  • Trav needs a name for his llama for tiktok, lol. Yes I have given him the tiktok account at this point but i will be back. its a lot for 1 person to have all these social medias and create content all the time.
I think that is most of everything. Thank you do reading it all if you did. I try not to update too much but yet I know it helps sometimes as well.
We are looking for new affiliates as well if anyone is interested. Link is on the website & info is in announcements. Let's try to be organized and utilize those announcements.
Any questions about Geez, your order, anything I am always here if needed. Thank you all so much for your support. You got this.. I have faith in you and I love you all. Welcome to the Geezy family if you are new as well.


Daily update 6/29/21
  • We started out yesterday (Monday) morning with 137 open orders to fulfill. That alone is amazing that we have that many orders in June! We now only have 65! <that is a friendlier number but we are legit worn out today! lol
  • Geezy Poof confetti arrived and we shipped all orders out that we could fulfill. We did not receive the metallics or the Halloween mix just yet. So those are the few orders still waiting.
  • Those new prints I asked you all about the other day will be added as preorders today but it might be late tonight before I get the mocks made and them on the site to order.
  • I sent in the numbers for the Horror prints so those are now closed. If you missed it with me- head over to MOXIE TRANSFERS. She is the one with the license that ran them and allowed some other vendors to go in with her.
  • I am ordering the materials to make those chalkboards to offer plus we are adding customized epoxy pens to the site as well today to order.
  • If you follow our shed updates then you know the air went out also late last night. So we will be spending our non-work time to fix it or at least figure out what happened as well as install the insulation. Someone asked how long of a delay this would cause- I am going to be honest here- NONE! You see the way my brain works is all of your orders come first. So if that means we fulfill orders at night when it cools down then that is what we do. If it means we are out there half-naked sweating while pulling screens then that's what we will do. Just because we put insulation in or we have any issues with anything like that we will work through it and still make sure your orders are not affected. I do not like orders to have to wait. If anything ever happens that will delay any order I will post and apologize.
I think that is it for today. I might be a little absent tonight.. lol


Update 6/28/21
Alrighty, its Monday... as you most know I hate Mondays.
So let's get right to the nitty gritty.
  • First confetti- I got a shipment notification for the large order I made on the 14th so fingers crossed most of you will get yours soon. I have 3 other open orders still and am following it as closely as I can.
  • the screenprints I expected today have not made it yet so most likely you will see a notification by tomorrow as we will work late into the night to get as many orders packaged as possible. The list of what was to arrive is somewhere in the group- forgive me for not naming them all here. The UPS guy legit drove past my house to the police station and I guess will be circling back to me.
  • The preorders for the horror prints close tomorrow around noon. I will submit my order then and will not be grabbing extras.
  • I have 4 open orders for sublimation transfer that I will be printing after I write these updates and shipping out tomorrow. Repeat I hate Mondays
  • I started a new group where I plan to try to help you all as much as I can. I did this spur of the moment as I have a local friend wanting to sell tees so this was why I made the group.
  • Dropshipping is back also because of said friend that I made that group for as well. If I can help in small ways then I want to help. I can always be contacted via PM for anything usually.
If I think of something else I will comment below. I just felt like letting you all know the things in my head currently. lol


Daily update 6/25/21
  • We added new preorders to the site- including FREE BRITNEY screenprints. All profits from the free britney ones will be donated to a local women's organization that focuses on empowering women by helping with domestic violence issues as well as improving education in our local area.
  • If you are a wholesale member there is one specific print only being offered to you all but MOQ will need to be met. I am hopeful we can put it into production as many of you were interested in the wholesale option but then crickets. I will give that side 1 full month before I pull the plug on offering those.
  • Fifty Friday was a little different this week- All in that one category will have 1.50 taken off the price at checkout as we need to make room. There are a few full colors as well that were added to move out.
  • Confetti has yet to ship and yes I am starting to get worried. It is past the TAT I was told to start with which I did expect they would be slammed with orders but we are past the second TAT I was given as well with zero tracking notifications. However, with that said we are working on an alternative way of fulfilling our open orders as I do not want anyone upset with me and my business over it. The numbers show on the site will be it as I will not be making future orders for the confetti.
  • 7/2 preorders are scheduled to arrive to me Monday to start shipping back out to all of you. These include the following prints: karma cafe, game over b2s, slash tires, normal is the cruelest, senior 2022, moon in her eyes, i'm fine you need therapy, watching murder shows, spending money like i sell dope in both black and white, leopard pumpkin, & fluent in silence
  • I have shipping confirmation for legendary, dreamer cow, faith, and power of rock and roll... they are on their way for sure and I will be getting them out to all that have patiently waited for them.
  • Unapologetically country as hell had an issue that needed to be reprinted and it is set to arrive Monday as well. We partially shipped the few orders we had with it since the replacements are 1 day late from their TAT that I estimated.
  • We are working on getting the GL app back as with sales declining we need to find alternatives to facebook and hopefully, an app will help some.
That should be everything I believe. If you have any questions please comment or email us.


Update: 6/23
First and foremost- thank you to everyone that is here! I appreciate you greatly... Also- I know it slow right now but I promise you it will pick up! You are amazing and you are capable of anything you set your mind to! So aim for the moon and reach for the stars because I believe in you and will always be here for you if you need me at any time- my inbox is always open!
  • I checked in on the screenprint confetti and I am told my first shipment is headed my way tomorrow. I was correct in my assumption- she ended up with over 8000 orders and they are still coming through. As you know I am a supporter of others and preferred to support her instead of us trying to do it also. I just feel as though we all deserve a moment to shine and that it is better to teamwork than it is to compete. Again- this is just me.
  • With the above mentioned- I have another huge announcement coming soon. I am going to wait a bit to discuss it completely but I was contacted last night to partner with someone on some exclusive designs. So that is in the works and as soon as we can make it happen then it's going to happen.
  • The horror/Halloween preorders are booming! I am shocked honestly & amazed. I will be placing my order with her on the 29th but will get a few extra for those that do not like preorders.
  • I do want to apologize to those on the wholesale side as this week it is sad looking since we are mostly running with others. I just have a huge heart and well that is a blessing and curse at times. Next week we will do more I promise & most likely I will be adding them this week since it's so empty in that section.
  • The prints Dreamer, power of rock n roll, are headed our way now so as soon as they arrive they will be back out the door.
  • 7/2 preorders are expected to ship out to me tomorrow so that means Monday or Tuesday to ship back out which is ahead of schedule.
-If you have any questions about anything, please email us at GeezLouiseCustomerService@gmail.com


We had prints arrive today and 1 had an issue. The True colors butterfly had the wording in white on the digital file but the printers left the white out it seems. I didn't realize until we pressed one. I called the print company and they are sending new ones out but I am waiting on their emails to let me know as to exactly when I will receive the correct ones. As soon as I know I will update. Only 1 order was affected and we did get in contact with the client so they are aware. I was told the new prints will be made and shipped asap. Mistakes happen so all we can do is give them some grace and be understanding. 


This month has been super slow so unfortunately we have not been able to have much new come in. Orders are still meeting our TAT though. We created a new link page to help somewhat.  https://ezbiolink.com/GeezLouise . We have been running a ton of sales in our facebook group just trying to move some products. 



We have so much new on the way it is honestly hard to keep up. We did make a new google drive to help you with mockups though in case you can't get them to download off the site or on facebook. Thought this might help some.  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1A2qWZI3czQV42YCNKomsrCI9g2R62NM3?usp=sharing Next shipment is due in tomorrow and another on monday I believe. 


Sorry that it has been awhile since the last update. 4/22/21 preorders arrived early so we have been busy packaging those orders today. One issue we have found is a couple of the older prints have oversold. So if you have received a refund it is due to the overselling. The specific prints in questions are: follow your dreams, when in doubt pray, and workout one that says im hungry at the bottom. <sorry my brain is forgetting what i named it.  So since we are noticing more inventory issues I think it would be best to close the website here soon. I will announce on the Facebook group page on when we plan to do so. during the time it is closed we will do a full inventory count and also plan to move the screens outside to the shed. I am so sorry for this inconvenience but I do think we need to try and make sure the numbers shown are accurate. I know there will still be inventory issues in the future but doing a count ever so often should help customers buy with confidence that it is in fact in stock in the future.   



Thank you to everyone that has purchased and helped us grow.. We truly are grateful for each and every single one of you. 

We received shipping notifications for the 4/9 screenprint preorders so they are scheduled to arrive on time to ship out. Actually a day or 2 ahead of schedule even. 

Updated our FAQ page so please be sure to read this when you have time. Basically we updated that in the event of damages during shipping we will need to see proof of damage via email. We will not resend a shipment that has simply been refused at the time of delivery without postage covered for the second shipment.  Also- sale codes will not work on previous orders. If you use a code and then want to change to a different code to save more, unfortunately that is not allowed either. 


3/31/21-  prints from yesterday did arrive. We spent the day packaging all we could. The following order numbers had a refund due to overselling/inventory issues.

5602- vintage Soul

The 4/9 preorders were put into production today. We want to say thank you so much to everyone for every thing! You all keep us going. Naya at Branding Boss Babes blew us away with her kindness yesterday and we are forever grateful to her for that! 


3/30/21- The preorder screens with 3/30 will not arrive until 3/31 which we will do our best to get as many as we can shipped out the same day they arrive however depending on the time UPS runs will determine how many we get back out the door. At the latest these will ship on 4/1/21. Sublimation transfers are being printed tonight as well as tumblers spinning. We did receive many blank shirts so if the print is here for your shirt then those will be done today as well. All orders placed that we can ship out for today have left our hands now as well- any order placed after 4pm EST will go out tomorrow.